Remote Control Powerboard


  • Code: ET-6150
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Eliminate power waste from standby power and control up to 4 mains appliances individually. Simply plug them into this powerboard as normal, then use the remote to turn each device on or off.

  • Individual remote control socket operation
  • Surge and spike protection
  • Overload circuit-breaker protection


Power boards often sit in hard to reach places so a remote control is ideal for reducing wasteful power consumption from devices in standby mode. There are 4 sockets for general electrical appliances and 1 socket designed for appliances that always stay on such as telephones, modems, or medical equipment. With the remote control, connected devices can be switched off/on individually or all 4 can be switched off simultaneously. LED status indicators sit above each socket and the board features a manual switch in the event your remote goes walkabouts. The remote is uniquely coded to avoid interference with other remotes.


  • One-touch synchronisation
  • Overload circuit-breaker protection
  • Surge and spike protection
  • LED power indicator
  • Each outlet switched individually
  • Control frequency:433.92MHz
  • Range: Up to 50m
  • Load rating: 10A, 2400W
  • 900mm cord length