Marmitek Universal Electric Door Opener


  • Code: EDS12
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Combinable with all Marmitek Doorphone systems and most other doorphones.

  • Universally installable on most doorframes
  • Suitable for installation on right hand and left hand doors
  • Allows unlocking the strike manually


Electronic door striker that is locked/unlocked depending on an incoming voltage, provided by a video door phone, home automation system, etc.


Faceplate: Symmetrical and revisble for Right-Hand, Left-Hand, Swing-In and Swing-Out doors.
Unlocked when energized
Varistor: Built-in
Switch latch position: Allows unlocking the strike manually
Input voltage: 8-12V AC/DC
Power consumption: @8V DC = 0.46A
@8V AC = 0.38A
@12V DC = 0.63A
@12V DC = 0.54A


Electric strike body: 75.5x21x28mm
Short Faceplate: 24.5x130x3mm
Long Faceplate: 25x249x3mm