All House Code RF to X10 Interface


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The V572AE RF Transceiver Interface provides an alternative to the TM13 that receives on all 16 house codes and provides greater reception range.


How the V572AE All-house-code Transceiver Module works

The V572AE provides a high-power alternative to the TM13 RF Interface. It not only has the ability to receive on all 16 House Codes, it also provides enhanced reception range and more customised control. Because the V572AE receives on all 16 house codes, you can replace 16 normal TM13 transceivers with a single V572AE!

An external antenna is included with the V572AE that can be mounted in your outdoor entertaining areas to expand your system outdoors. This will also give you enhanced performance when using your X10 home control remote controls from your car. A state-of-the-art receiver, users are achieving impressive ranges with ordinary X10 remotes like the KR22 key chain remote, MS13 motion sensors and palm pad remotes:

I have set the unit on the floor in my entry way. I slowly converted all my wireless devices over to using it, and removing the various TM13 receivers around the house. My farthest outdoor sensor, a MS13, is down my driveway a bit, about 15 metres from the house. It could barely operate a TM13 placed outside on the verandah, 10 metres from the receiver. With the V572AE, it is reliably working at a distance of almost 60 metres from the antenna, with the antenna sitting on the floor. - Nathan

How it Works:

An internal receiver detects incoming RF signals generated by X10 remote devices. These signals are filtered by an optional user defined list of allowed house and unit codes. The approved signals are sent to an XM10 power line interface module (not included) which then transmits the X10 signals through the power line to receiving X10 home control modules controlling your lights and appliances.

V572AE features:

  • Receives all 256 house/unit code addresses
  • External antenna package for extended range
  • Custom house & unit code filtering via configuration software
  • Filtering settings are not lost during power loss
  • Replace up to 16 TM13 RF interfaces with 1 V572AE Transceiver!

In order to transmit X10 home control signals the V572AE also requires an XM10 Interface (not included). See the optional accessories below for information on the XM10.


To download the configuration software for the V572AE, click here.